Thursday, August 25

Heavy heart

It's hard to watch your children struggle. 

Being a mom for over 17 years now I've watched all four of my kids struggle at times.

Sometimes it's a struggle acquiring a new skill.  Hannah learning horse back riding, Nate long distance bicycling and falling sometimes in dangerous scary ways, Tommy struggling with simply orally drinking, Liam struggled to ride a bike.

All of them struggled for awhile, but their will, their persistance, their hearts and faith led them to success and they were able to acheive what they originally set out to do. 

I needed to, often, step in to help for a bit, but then step away.  They learned best with my support but by themselves.

On Sunday I left my struggling daughter at a place that is suppose to try and help her.  To find a cure for the disease that has begun to consume her.  Hannah is in the beginning stages of alcoholism.  A disease, although genetic and hereditary, is a choice of the heart and the staff will support her in learning to beat this struggle, but in the end, all of us will step aside as Hannah learns to stand alone and beat this.

Forever, Hannah will be faced with her disease.  Forever, she and our family will be changed.  We are choosing hope.  We are placing our worries and anxieties about the process in a God that loves Hannah more than anyone else. 

Hannah is trying her best.  But would love prayers!  Specifically about learning how to choose her own lifetime over alcohol.  I'll see her on Saturday and any posts here or on facebook, I'll give to her in a card.  Much love to all of you!

Monday, August 15

Montana 2011


Picture overload!

Here is the highlights of our Montana 2011 family vacation

I won't subtitle anything, but in general we had the six of our family, plus two extra WONDERFUL teenage friends

Plus two cousins

A wonderful uncle Marty and his girlfriend Jenny

A sweet Grandma and a wonderful uncle Bruce

Almost ten full days of 80-85 degree weather

Lots of wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding by Nate

Major soul searching event for all of us

Two fun loving four year old twins who were constant energy

Hannah enjoying all things sunshine related

A cabin which holds 10 years of our small family's memories and summer adventures and over 40 years for my husband!

Colin and I appreciating God's beautiful creations both in nature and in our four kids

Tuesday, August 9

Family vacation to Montana

Soon you will see too many pictures of our trip to Montana. 

Trust me, you will be tired of sunshine, waterskiing, bonfires, teenagers, yummy dinners, five empty bottles of sunscreen (seriously), aqua shoes, fresh coffee beside the lake watching the sunrise, live theatre in Big Fork, buffalo burgers, carrot sticks with hummus, kicking soccer balls with the twins, long conversations about meaningful life events, naked twins running wild, late night movies to escape mosquitos, big sky sunsets and stargazing for hours.

Okay, you won't be TIRED, you will want to go to Montana.

Stay tuned!

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