Monday, November 29


What would I say to the prospective adoptive parents and caretakers of Baby Twin Doe who remains in the hospital in another state, born just weeks ago?  I would share our story.  A story that shares alot of health similiarities to their little boy.  Our son Tommy is Twin A, and was diagnosed prenatally with probable Down syndrome and Dandy walker malformation of the brain.  Our Twin B was perfectly healthy, just like theirs was.  At twenty weeks gestation we were told Twin A may not be born.  We were told that he may only live hours or days.  What we didn't know was that he also had a complete AV canal defect of the heart, Hirschsprung's disease, polysaccaride antibody deficiency syndrome, severe sleep apnea and would need to live off of a feeding tube for a long period of time.  What we didn't know was how little ALL of that would DEFINE who he is.  He is an almost four year old boy with a bubbly personality and knows no stranger.  He is quick to smile, quick to saddness and always quick in forgiveness.  He runs, walks, climbs, hits, hugs, smiles, laughs, and cries.  He looks at books and uses sign language.  He eats.  He loves.  He has a lifetime.  He is his own self just like all of our children.

I'm not going to offer judgment for the mom that chose life for her twins thru adoption nor the parents that chose to take the healthy twin and leave the struggling one in the hospital with a DNR.  I try hard not to judge other people.  I know how hard this is.  I live this everyday.  I believe in a loving God that will comfort and provide for all the people involved in this situation.   He has a plan for all of us.

So when that state Ds coordinator called me to ask if she could share our contact information with the staff, the case workers, the prospective adopted parents, I smiled and said I would love to share the story of Tommy.  It's a good one.

Wednesday, November 24


Happy Thanksgiving day tomorrow!  Lots to be grateful for this year.  Teenagers who are becoming good young adults, mostly thru trial and error, and they are both doing well!  Twin four year old boys who stayed healthy this year and are growing in skills but both staying very sweet.  My husband and I are still small farming and got to raise turkeys this year, see our farm thru a tragedy in the spring, and still come out better and stronger and thankful for each and every animal we are given.  Grateful for a garden that produced almost 120 quarts of carrots, green beans, relishes and stocked our pantry with potatoes and onions and plenty of salads! 

Making four pumpkin pies today (two of them weight watcher version), stuffing, and this appetizer:

Most of all I'm looking forward to spending time with my mom and dad.  My dad is an open heart surgery candidate and we are just so grateful for everyday with him!   My sister Tami and her family (they are expecting their next bambino in April).  Visiting my sister Deb and her family at a quick stop.  And just plain relaxing and overeating.  Hope everyone is enjoying this special holiday.

Saturday, November 20

Two blogger mommies well worth the read

I work near the county courthouse and on Friday (Nov 19th) it was National Adoption day and MANY kids were all lined up with their adoptive families ready to go before the judge and finalize their new bonds.  Each had a huge bouqet of balloons and were beaming with smiles!  Beautiful families made bigger on such a special day. 

Of course the idea of adopting is always a glimmer in my eye so when I saw all this happiness in one spot it just reminded me again of the need and where my heart is.  So when I was reading a couple of blogs after my two smallest were in bed, I got to thinking of those families who have chosen for their first children to adopt kids with Ds.  I think every blogging mommy has an amazing story to share.  These two are just so extra chromosomally cool.  They both had family members with Down syndrome growing up and the CHOSE to adopt kiddos with Ds.  Grab a cup of coffee and check out their families:

Wednesday, November 17

Liam's playdough

Liam wants to share his playdough recipe with you.  He knows you might already have it, but just in case!

3 cups flour
1 1/2 cup salt
3 cups water
1 T veggie oil
1 T cream of tarter
drops of food coloring or package of koolaid

Mix all together in saucepan and heat over low heat until your spoon doesn't move anymore.  Take off heat and knead.  Store in air tight ziplock.  Enjoy!  One of the colors he made is "steel".  Total boy.

Sunday, November 14

Today and tomorrow

Today was:

Slicing and dicing 40 pounds of chicken breasts into many meals for the freezer

Planting a willow tree and four tall blueberry bushes (thanks to my sweet husband)

Cuddles on the couch with twin small guys

Preparations for winter


Lots of laundry

Yummy lemon chicken with mushrooms

Tomorrow will be:

Encouragement to my dad during his heart diagnostic procedure

Travels with my sisters

Hugs from my teens (if I'm lucky)

Quiet time to read

Monday, November 8

Slow start to the week

I have enjoyed a slow start to the week today.  I had planned to join my sisters and mom at my dad's invasive heart procedure today, but that was postponed.  So, I enjoyed a little 'me' time.  Walked two miles in the beautiful sunshine!  Enjoyed a cup of my favorite peach tea hot and slowly.   Downloaded pictures.  Folded laundry at my own pace.  Caught up on some people's blogs and just putzed around the house after I got Tommy and Liam on the preschool bus.  I could get use to this!  I'll head into work this afternoon but also started the Lemon Chicken recipe in our crockpot ("Make it fast cook it slow" awesome crockpot book).  And made a double batch of homemade laundry soap.  If you haven't done this yet, run don't walk to the store and grab the three ingredients and some recycled bottles in your house and gett'r done.  It's simple, a huge cost savings, and the smell of lemon meringue is irresistible.  Here is a cute picture of Liam and cousin Madison on the lil 4 wheeler.  They enjoy spending time together, it's very sweet.

Monday, November 1

Two things

They weren't happy about the stroller. 
But a restraining device of some sort was in order, Christ the King church hosted a "Trunk and Treat" and had THOUSANDS of people. 
Blah, we don't do large crowds well. 
Tommy never recovered. 
Liam had a blast though!
We ended our evening with visting Hannah and Nate and Aunt Debbie's gang
Did I tell you we have LOTS of candy now?
And I'm on Weight Watchers :)
I love reece's peanut butter cups.
But I love my recent 13 pounds down even more.
What did you do for Trick and Treats?

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