Farm girl

Here is a fall update (Oct 2011).  The garden has been put to bed for the winter.  No cover crop, but we mowed down all vegetables except the rainbow chard and the brussel sprouts.  I have to admit, it's a sad time when I can't see my weedy lil ol garden standing tall.  But in reflection much didn't work out about this year's garden.  It was too cold and wet for too long.  I crowded the cabbage with onions and beans and that never works out.  What did work was pumpkins, squashes, zuchinni, first picking of beans (canned almost 20 quarts), peas and some early beets and carrots.  Already dreaming of next year's garden!  Colin and I have decided for a garden half the size of our current 5,000 sq feet.

I thought it would be fun to share what's in our garden this year.  Gardening in the northern most corner of Washington state can be tricky sometimes (rainy).  Not all of these have proven themselves successful either but this is our list of what we planted.  Our garden is 50' by 100'.  Yep, 5,000 sq feet of weeds mostly :)  but also these yummies.

Garden 2011:
Asparagus jersey knight

Purple long beans

Greenbeans Denver

Greenbeans Nash

Broccoli Express

Broccoli Apollo

Brusselsprouts franklin

Beets Boro

Beets Merlin

danish ballhead

Corn sugar buns

Carrots Bolero

Carrots Merida

Carrots Napa

Cucumber Wautoma

Cucumber Green Slam

Eggplant Black King

cut flowers variety

bachelor buttons

hummingbird mix

summer carnival mix

mr majestic zinnia

alaska apricot nastirtiums (wonderful so far)

mother of pearl popply

sunrich lemon sunflowers

sweet peas "fly the flag" (didn't grow)

zinnia Oklahoma mix (because my sweet niece Heather is in Norman, OK)

zahara starlight rose

zinnia Benary's Giant


nero di toscana

leeks giant musselbough

Lettuce buttercrunch

loose red velevet

buttercrunch vicotira

Melons Tiger

Fennel Perfection

Onions puplette seeds

Chinese Cabbage Soloist


Peas Oregon Giants

Peas Super sugar

Parsnips Cobham

Pepper North Star

Small sugar pumpkin

lil pumpicemon

radish amethyxt

Spinach olympia

zucchini black beauty

zucchini latino

yellow squash superpik

winter squash honey bear

swiss chard - bright lights

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