Wednesday, March 31

Our blog is now closed to all unknown readers

And only open for our family and friends.

On Saturday morning we found our barn vandalized and our two sweet baby goats that we had loved so much, and posted their picture earlier last week, killed.

The humane society and sheriffs are investigating. We are devestated, sad beyond words and living in fear.

Pray for our family to mend. If you hear of anyone bragging of this, please call the humane society they are open to all tips.

Friday, March 26

NW silverstars cheerleading

Just one of the MANY reasons I love Hannah's cheer team.

Children's appts

Wednesday was pulmonary/sleep study follow up appointment since Tommy's tonsils came out. We are scheduled for a follow up sleep study which will be half on room air and half of the night on cpap. Otherwise, it was an uneventful and quick appt. Contrary to the 3 hour round trip drive. Shoutout of thanks to Grandma Sue, Papa Bill and cousin Andrew who all kept Liam.

Today was a Children's appt with ENT for followup to surgery on ear tubes and t&a. Colin just called to say that they snuck Tommy in for a hearing test and he had better results with this new set than last year. Whew! Hooray! Only classified as mild loss right now. Let's all do the snoopy dance, good job Tommy.

Getting accurate hearing test results is always a struggle for us as parents. Colin had the idea to leave Tommy in his stroller and let the nice aide lady go into the sound booth to train and distract him. Colin just watched and made sure Tommy was safe from the window. It worked! No distraction, he stayed on task. I love my husband. He is an amazing and wonderful daddy and hubby.

Tuesday, March 23

We are still here

I've been back from Florida for about a week and in just that short period of time so much has happened!

My dear friend Robert, who I have known for about 14 years and has been not only a treasurer to me as a friend, but a huge help with Hannah and Nate is moving away. Initially, I was shocked, surprised, and deeply saddened. Then I was trying to be happy for Robert and all the decisions that had been made. But then I just fell apart again and have to say I'm going to miss him.

The day before Hannah and I went to Florida for the cheerleading competition, these two little ones were born. They were born during the storm on March 12th so I named that after things that remind me of stormy weather. They are two little girls: Kindle (kindling wood to start a fire) and Gale (as in gale force winds and since we live next to the Strait of Georgia it is windy). We love the goat milk and cheese that we make.

And during this past week we have been outside walking in the nice spring weather (when it's not raining). We live next to a 1,500 acre wildlife preserve with a lake. And there lives a beaver. A big, fat, dark brown beaver. Over the past year we have watched his habits, studied the trees that he falls, learned about his underwater mud house and just plain get excited after dinner to walk to the lake and see the beaver.

This is my view as I push the double jogging stroller that usually Tommy and Liam sit in. Hannah crawled into it and claimed she was tired. Then Liam crawled on big sista's lap for a snuggle on the way to the lake. You can see Tommy running to the visit the beaver.

And then this happened. Overcome with love for his sis, Liam smooched her! I love my kids. Even Nate on his skateboard behind me when we were walking started saying "how cute". I love spring. I love the new baby animals on our little farm (chicks come first week of April and we have decided to raise 5 turkeys so those babies come June 5). I love my husband that supports all (most) of my ideas.

Almost to the lake and these two stopped for a breather. Tommy is *always* running so to see him standing still is a funny picture to me.
The next few days include two separate days at Children's hospital for pulmonary and Oto followups. Plus tomorrow night at 5:30 pm I'm going to a Sensory Integration workshop at St Joseph HEC. Colin will be heading out snowmobiling on Saturday to the glacier at Whistler (keep safe daddy). Hannah, Nate and I will be hitting the gym and a yoga class two nights. Whew! Tired just looking ahead.
I've got alot more to share and hopefully will get a chance this weekend. I want to talk about the topic of marriage (with children with dd) and tube feeding challenges.

Thursday, March 18

Cheerleading fun

The cheerleading team that Hannah is on went to Orlando Florida for a very competitive and fun competition. Hannah is standing next to me above, and her very good friend Tessa is next to her. We had a blast! Here is a link so you can watch one of their performances:

All of our spare time after practices and performance was spent at Disney world. The 'package' that was extended to us as parents was very affordable and Colin was more than willing to stay behind with the boys. Since I didn't have a stroller to push, I spent 15-18 hours in the parks and rode every high speed coaster I could find (thanks to my sister Debbie for encouraging that over the phone). DW is 500 square miles and packed with fun things like a huge animal safari! Oh how I love Minnie Mouse!

Hannah's team NW Silverstars is heading to Vancouver Canada in a few weeks for their last competition and then they waste no time starting to learn their next years routine and more conditioning. Cheerleaders are very athletic and the team coach encourages character qualities and teamwork. We are so proud of Hannah, she did so well!

Wednesday, March 10

Robin o' red

We celebrated Tommy's "I'm back to eating everything" after tonsil surgery with a dinner at Red Robin, mmmm. Tommy had a cheesy face very quickly.
And Liam and dad enjoyed a night out.

Mommy is VERY happy that Tommy is feeling better and back to eating everything! We are grateful for that G-tube in his belly. I'm convinced it helped him mend so quickly.

Mommy is heading to Florida to watch Hannah compete in the ESPN cheerleading competition. We are so proud of big sister! Daddy is going to hold down the fort for a few days, we know he will do very well. Wish him luck!

Sunday, March 7

Tommy is a little better

Tommy made it to school on Thursday, exactly one week after tonsil and adenoid surgery. I thought he would be fine, he seemed great on Wednesday, but he was in pain even on Tylenol (his school is only 2 hours long). So he stayed home Friday and I noticed by Saturday he was much better and eating more solid foods since his surgery. Hopefully he will be back to school on Monday. This tonsil and adenoid surgery was more painful than I thought! Poor Tommy.
And notice Liam's nail chewing.... any advice on getting him to not bite his nails?

Tuesday, March 2

A spring haircut

I've always wanted to cut my hair for Locks for Love. And I finally got the opportunity, it was time for a change, my long hair was just that.... long. Probably time to spruce up, get hip and look just a tad bit younger. My sweet friend Chelsey Ebert didn't wear a wig when she lost her hair during a courageous fight with cancer, but I wanted to donate toward the program that could help people if they did want to choose a wig. So 10 inches and a small tear later, my hair is short.

This week time has been spent with a different friend, who is having a bad reaction to his chemo. A sweet friend also. Cancer sucks.

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