Saturday, August 28

A simple day

We are setting up the slip and slide for all three boys to stay cool today.

Making some of these because my zukes are on!

Thankful that after a few discussions with Children's we are all on the same page for a sedated echo on 9/23, Tommy's six month echo appt won't be a wrestling match which I'm so thankful for my tiger to be asleep for.  I decided to postpone urology consult until December.  Quite frankly, it's just a big conversation about his 'stuff' and I think he just needs a period of time right now to make progress before more medical procedures that could set him back again.

Looking at four different school calendars and gathering them up today.  Ideas on organization for that are welcomed.  I'm thinking about google calendar because I'm fortunate now to have a smartphone.  Perhaps a half day data entry session for everybody's school calendars and then I'll be more able to see at a single glance who is where and when.  And of course with my work calendar.

Hannah has fundraisers all weekend for both cheer groups.  She is so busy.  Last night we watched her cheer at the HS football scrimage game and she looked great.  Memorized 100 cheers.  And is an athlete with many of the stunts and hurdle type jumps.  I've enjoyed leaving her notes here and there to put a smile on her face.

Nate has been an enormous help to me both physically with the ankle biters and emotionally.  He is a teenager.  Typical.  But I'm here to tell you he is the best big brother *ever*.   Now that his cast is off and a splint is on, he can play bass guitar again.   We've gone on evening walks to see the beaver at the preserve and enjoy the colder evenings.

Liam is full of new ideas lately and initiates 'conversations' with Tommy more often.  When I mention preschool again and the names of his classmates he gets very excited. 

I'm going to garden today after milking the goat and feeding the turkeys.  Colin is fixing the van and truck today, various small projects for him. 

Just a simple day.  Enjoy!

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