Tuesday, March 12

The Academy Awards

Tommy is sick.  Poor little guy.  And it's a mean tummy bug.
But of course I find a bit of parenting humor in the past 24 hours.  

Tommy doesn't "understand" how to "get sick".  And by "get sick"... well, I would say "vomit" here, but that would be gross, right?
So about 1am when he climbed into our bed, I heard him cough. 
And thought to myself, that's weird.... he hasn't had a cold/cough for a week.  
So when he coughed next, I quickly recognized he was coughing to try to "get sick".  
But it wasn't working.

Now I'm going to share with you that I have a slight gag reflex.
  The operative word there is slight.
  Friends have said "hair trigger" like.  Just because you've always wanted to know that about me, right?

Tommy just couldn't complete the task of "getting sick".
  And as much as he coughed, his tummy rumbled more and as I stared at him and thought..... I needed to "show him" how to get sick.  
We model behavior and tasks for him all the time at home. 
 Surely, WE needed to model "how to get sick". 
 And I was confident he would mimick the behavior and be able to vomit.  

So, I chose the WE in the equation..... to be Colin.  So I  woke him up.  
Shy grin.  Bad, bad wife.
Refer back to my slight gag reflex.

So Colin started "modeling" the task of vomiting at 1am to Tommy.
You really cannot plan for events like this and prerecord on the ipad.  lol. 
And I'm sitting next to Tommy on the bed, because that's what a mom is suppose to do, right? 
 Rub the child's back, speak words of encouragement...... and I hear Colin doing his "live movie like reanactment of vomitting"..... and of course, I do too.
Absolutely worthless am I.

Colin was the best actor and surely the Academy Awards missed his nomination.  He is such a peach!
And when I finally got a grip.  It took awhile, trust me.
I helped
So Colin and I are the parents modeling the behavior of vomiting to our child with special needs and whether it was our performance....
or time....
or gravity....
or because we were all tired....
Tommy got sick.
And didn't stop.

Until 4 am.
Like all good supporting actors, I let the lead "take the night off" and go to sleep while I carried the show.
Poor Tommy.
His upside down clown smile thru the darkness of the bedroom spoke volumes. 

And I'll let the Academy know of our fine performance.

 Your supporting actors.  Dad and mom.  Getting our green ready for St Paddy's day while we got to play with our nephews and niece at my sister's house this weekend.  Like any dynamic duo, Colin and I couldn't get far in life without each other.  I'm sure if we were giving an Academy Award speech for our modeling how to get sick, well, the speech would be short and sweet.  It takes two!


Other supporting cast for the Academy Awards would be strange pictures from my phone. 
  We celebrated Nate's 18th birthday at our local mexican restaurant and I accidentally took this picture before Hannah and Nate were "ready". 
 We all couldn't stop laughing, it looks like some kinda mexican mafia pic.


 And this would be a contender for an award too.  Nate was actually looking at the people singing, and I meant to get a picture of him and Liam, but got the waitress oddly behind him who was waiting.... just an odd picture.  Because I'm odd.  And I love to laugh.

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