Thursday, June 13

School is almost out, so now home summer school, or is it "summer homeschool"

We are finally at the end of the school year, one week to go, we are almost done!  And looking forward to a different pace during the days ahead.

Hannah is taking finals at WWU and finishing her freshman year.  Nate is taking his finals, Bringham Young Univ virtual class and his WCC Running Start classes and he graduates from high school on Monday night!  The twins are finishing up their *sweet* year of kindergarten.  A week from now we will officially be done with two soccer groups, almost done with Hannah's coed softball games, and have decided to take the summer off entirely from Tommy's speech therapy at WWU.  Hoping that summer is a slower pace.

Hannah and Nate are both nannying for the summer.  Hannah for a family that has three kids.  And Nate will be "manny" for our little boys.  I'm not sure if the little guys are more excited, or if Nate is, all three boys will have fun filling their daily adventure agenda.  Truely, wonderful summer jobs for both Hannah and Nate as they are active and really, sincerely like kids.

For our small boys we've decided to put together summer learning opportunities so that we could work with them a little, or a lot depending on the weather and lunar cycle (lol), on learning over the summer.  Tommy has the great opportunity to repeat his kindergarten experience with the same teacher next fall who is an absolute gem and a new life skills teacher, the last one was pretty fantastic though so I'm hoping his new LS teacher is equally as good.  Most importantly though he is going to retain his same paraeducator who helps him learn and access his education, this past year Tommy had two fantastic paras and we are blessed he gets another year with one to help him.  Liam will be moving on up to the first grade!  As a family we decided one night at the dinner table that both boys would benefit from a summer of small efforts toward increasing their knowledge, and this happens in everday life, but we really wanted to purpose a small curriculum for them to keep their minds growing.

Liam's learning model (starting to make logic models for both boys):

Tommy's logic model incorporates his entire IEP goals and a few new literacy goals from us and I have far to go with this new type of logic model but I think it will help our family and therapists be more purposeful in the future.  I'll incorporate the goals and inputs that WWU gives me for the summer too into Tommy's logic model.  And I have lots more ideas on "stuff" to do this summer to keep it FUN and add just a small amount of learning.  This is just the start of summer fun and learning.  I'll add the final logic models for both boys by summer's end.

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