Wednesday, September 4

The media

I started this blog in an effort to keep our extended family and friends up to date on Tommy's 'second' surgery which was a big ol' scary one, open heart surgery for a complete av canal defect.

But then I kept writing.  This was a way to use "tommy's" absent voice to tell a story of his life for a few years.

That turned into a much easier style of writing, first person, and I've turned "Tommy's blog" into "Grace Unhinged" as a therapeutic (better than wine) writing outlet about our family and me.  And our life with a child with multiple disabilities.

Early in my blog days I only knew of other 'blogging mommas'.  But I really didn't see "personal" accounts of raising a child with special needs portrayed very often in national tv, internet, etc.  It just wasn't "cool" and probably didn't generate money for corporations.

But in the past couple of years I've welcomed seeing conversations "normalized" thru the tv show Glee and the tv show "In the Middle", I'm sure there are even more so I need to watch tv more right?  Anyway, it's exciting to see a very small slice of children and adults with disabilities on national tv.  Topics of inclusion are so natural when we see 'how' life works considering everyone's contributions.

So, when I saw this as a commercial today during the Today show, while we wait for our first day of school bus, I had to do a double take and look it up on the internet to make sure I just heard "special needs child" mentioned on national tv!  And I think this commercial was just perfect, so many subtle topics mentioned here: 

Tommy Adventures