Thursday, June 21

Progress and friends

The right chest drainage tube was removed today as not much fluid was trickling out anymore. Tommy still has his left chest drainage tube. His ICU nurses are visiting him on the floor ward which mommy/daddy call 'tommy's fan club'. Tommy has HUGE smiles for all visitors.

We learned today during an echocardiogram that his mitral valve repair didn't produce the best results. This is a common piece to the AV canal heart repair that doesn't get the best results. So, Tommy is going home on a new med called captopril which will help his heart regulate the volume of blood that gets 'backwashed' thru the mitral valve by mistake. This won't limit his activities or long term recovery.

Thanks to all of our friends and family for support (thanks to the Reids for a yummy goody basket). We are terribly homesick. We know that Nora/Dave and aunt Debbie (and troop) are taking good care of our home, thank you all! And big sister Hannah and big brother Nate have their last day of school tomorrow... hooray! Miss you all (sniff, sniff). I will try to locate the camera tonight and post some new pictures.

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