Wednesday, July 11


Tommy has been trying really hard to take 1/2 ounce of formula by mouth. Today we had an appt at Connections and then one at home with WCEL around feeding issues and our transition from the NG tube to bottles. The appt at Connections went really well and Tommy as usual took a few sips off the bottle. The appt at home with the therapist went well, lots of helpful hints and Tommy finished the remainder of what he didn't eat by mouth thru the NG tube. The therapist and mommy were talking while Tommy laid on the floor to play when he turned beet colored red. And wasn't breathing.

Mommy picked Tommy up and patted his back until he projectile vomitted the feed back up. Painted the wall, painted mommy and a nearby Liam with milk. Most importantly he was crying which meant he was breathing. Whew!

Apparently, he aspirated the bottle fed portion of his feeding. His body could clear his airway by holding his breath and then vomitting. We saw an after hours pediatrician last night and talked to Children's Hosp (just to rule out post op issues) and along with the therapist, all agreed a Swallow Test is in order. So we have an appt at Children's to evaluate his ability to swallow. Until then, we are sticking to NG feeds. We are thankful he aspirated while all of us were present.... and thankful that we have an NG to be able to feed Tommy. We will continue with 'dry' oral explorations and hard munchables. Tommy has big smiles tonight and is glad we finally figured out he is having issues with the transition to bottles.

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