Thursday, July 5

A rambling catching up...

What a busy week! I'll catch you up on our week. Last weekend, big kids (Hannah and Nate) left for vacation in Conconully for the week. First day they were having fun in the sun there, Nate called to say he slipped while biking and got seven stiches (Dad stiched his knee back together on the campground picnic table!). Nate sounded in good spirits, so this momma wasn't overly worried. Monday, Tommy had caught our family cold and just wasn't seeming like himself. So momma and Tommy went to the ER Monday night around 10pm. We called ahead to the ER to explain we were post open heart surgery (St Joe's accomodated us very well). On the way to the hospital, a deer hit our van. Mommy doesn't like driving at night, and we live across from a wildlife preserve which doesn't help her night driving fears (I really don't like animals springing out from the ditches in the dark). Apparently the deer ran off and mommy continued to the hospital (daddy stayed home with Liam). Tommy had a chest xray and a breathing treatment and felt better so we left the hospital around 1am Tuesday morning. We got up at 6am to leave for an already scheduled appt at Children's for post open heart surgery followup. I have now determined that my body and my brain need greater than four hours of sleep. Tuesday at Children's was an event. Tommy still wasn't up to his usual self so the dr drew blood (which takes a good hour and in this case three pokes). We waited until 4:30 (our appt started at 10am to hear that Tommy probably had a common cold). By this time, mommy and daddy are tired and dragging around the hospital. A huge highlight was being able to meet up with the Ebert family (geez, we love them). Wednesday the Fourth saw daddy grillin up some steaks and momma sleeping in a tad. Today is Thursday. What a week! We continue to feed Tommy a bottle every three hours and finish off the unfed milk thru his pump. Today he ate a little bite of pureed apple/blueberry. Next week we meet with two different feeding specialists so that might be helpful. I'll post pictures soon!

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