Thursday, August 23

Where has Tommy been?

Tommy had been busy this past week at the fair. Hannah and Nate showed goats and an alpaca at the Lynden fair. Both were pleased with earning many blue ribbons. Nate even earned a spot in the Round Robin competition which meant he competed amongst the other 'best showman'. The competition included showing lots of large animals. Tommy was interested in watching big brother for awhile but soon was more interested in his thumb!
Our 4H group Pymy Paradise did very well in the various competitions. Erin even won the Round Robin (go erin!).
Liam enjoyed the fair too! Mommy is happy to say we enjoyed a few quiet days at home once the fair was over. But Liam has some kind of cold virus now and we are hopeful Tommy doesn't catch it because Tommy is scheduled for ear tubes on Monday.

Tommy Adventures