Saturday, August 25

Tales from the crib

Tommy had an eventful few days. First the disappointing news, there will be no ear tubes on Monday. No miracle was performed, he still can't hear much .... rather the anesthesiologist got cold feet. The day prior to the surgery and we get a phone call saying "Tommy is too medically complex". He did say that Children's Hosp would be able to do the procedure. Tommy will visit yet another dept at Children's!

Now for some good news. Feeding therapy this week was great. Lemon juice in pureed foods is just what Tommy was wanting to taste. Yep, lemon juice. And don't be stingy with it. Granted he only eats around ten baby spoons full of pureed foods .... he is keeping most in now and swallowing! We still have the appt this coming Thursday at Children's to discuss the peg and eventual gtube. This is not uncommon for Hirschsprung Disease kiddos.

Next for the most exciting news, Tommy is rolling! Rolling, rolling, rolling. Counting a roll as from front to back and then to front again... mommy watched Tommy roll six times! He is going to keep up with Liam who crawls now. Mommy is getting anxious typing this just thinking about what this means. Whew!

Tommy Adventures