Monday, September 17

Another Pre Op?

Tommy had his preop today for his upcoming "3 in one" surgery. Tommy saw the ENT that will be inserting his ear tubes. Plus, he met an anesthesiologist that reviewed his latest echo and was pleased to announce all looked good with Tommy so the surgery can be scheduled! Not only will Tommy get ear tubes (and hopefully can hear at less than 90 decibels), he will have a hyrnia repair and a Peg (future Gtube). Daddy enjoyed a fun filled day of doctors appts at Children's Hospital. Thank you Daddy! And thank you Grandma Sue for helping on this long appt day.

The BEST part of the visit was seeing Chelsey Ebert! Tommy got to cuddle with Chelsey :) She is an incredible girl fighting cancer and we think about her constantly! Smooches heading Chelsey's way from Tommy.

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