Saturday, September 1

Tommy's Day at Children's Hospital

I wanted to show everyone (especially new parents that have children with special health care needs) what a typical day going to Children's Hospital looks like. Here I am, looking so cute!
Nate entertained me while we left Ferndale. Mommy is so happy since we qualified for "Medicaid Medical" this means our gas (and future Ronald McDonald overnight stays) is paid now through DSHS. So we left Ferndale at 8:30 am and the first stop was the gas station!

When we finally arrived at Children's we hurried to get to the Research Center for an 11:30 appt. See, I volunteer for a few studies in hopes that other kids will benefit from the research findings. This time the research folks needed a blood draw. But after 3 pokes, mommy and I said no thank you. Next time I come for another visit they will try again!

Next was my echocardiogram in the Heart Center at 1pm. A couple of things were noted that were typical results after an AV canal defect repair. Next was my appt with the cardiologist at 2pm. All was good!

Daddy and Mommy had lunch together at 3, the cafeteria at Children's has a yummy salad bar and sandwiches and cookies.
Then a 4:15 with general surgery as a follow up to my Hirschsprung Disease. Dr Goldin looked me over and gave me an A+ (and a prescription for miralax and cenna to help keep my intestines movin along). The dietician came in for a visit to discuss calories and I can now eat every 4 hours rather than 3 hours. My feeding therapists will be happy to know I will feel a bit more hungry now! Dr Goldin is going to do another surgery for me -> G tube, a hirnea repair and ear tubes! Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed helping out during this part of our day because Daddy left for the Seahawks game. Mommy was so happy to have the extra hands. Grandma is good at remembering all the doctor conversations!

Our very favorite nurse practicioner came in to show mommy how to potentially care for a Gtube. The actual surgery will be in late September hopefully. This visit was extra special because I was Lonni's last patient she will ever see in the surgery dept! She has helped me alot with my repair and a bout of colitis. She is going to join a new prenatal diagnosis dept at Children's. We hope to see her again in the hallways!
We left Children's at 6:30pm and finally got back to Bellingham at 9:30pm. Whew! A total of 13 hours away from home. I was tired! Glad mom was driving because I fell asleep.

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