Thursday, December 30

Twins turn four (round two of pictures)

 More pictures!  Tommy's face has scratches and a bruise from the bouncing with other kids, battle wounds!  Cake and ice cream helped.
 Cousins Andrew and Madison come helped celebrate.

 Colin and I tried to organize the birthday wishes and cake.

 Liam love the bouncy house and got so sweaty!

 We tried to get all the grandkids together, but Daphne our friend is still in the picture, so cute!

 Liam and his friend Mitchell.  I just realized I'm missing our sweet friend Max from these pictures because they came later.
 Me and Tommy, looks like I'm having more fun than Tommy.

 Cousins Owen and Andrew and our friend Lexi at the very top.  She was a daredevil.

 Daphne and her dad playing air hockey.  We have loved getting to know her family, they are very sweet and teach us a ton of sign language.

Priceless photo my sister took of Tommy first seeing the jumping houses.  Hooray for me!!!

  Lexi is having fun!

 My sister Tami is pregnant with her second little boy, due in April. 

Me and Tommy sharing a cute moment at Christmas but I had to sneak it in here. 

Tommy Adventures