Thursday, December 30

Two little four year olds

Tommy and Liam turned 4 years old!  Born 12 minutes apart, on the twelfth day of the twelfth month.
My mom, Grandma Sue, made incredible cakes.  I showed her Braska's elmo cake (one of our blog friends) and she got the inspiration for the cupcakes to spell their names and show their age).  Liam's cake was a racecar track complete with cars which he LOVED.  And Tommy (and his friend Max) really liked Elmo.  Thank you Gma Sue for the amazing birthday cakes!

We had the party at the Jumparound Fun zone.  Praise radio had a silent auction on their party packages to raise money for ministry.  I bid on one of the packages and won it for half of the regular price.  Woo Hoot!  We had the opportunity to invite 12 of their friends plus family.  Oh how we enjoyed seeing everyone. 

Tommy and Liam's friend Lexi wore the birthday glasses well.

Liam at home with some of his presents.  Daddy helped him build the Lego creation.  Aunt Tami made the super cool roadway and car organizer out of fabric and it's very portable.  Super cool idea!

Me and my mom had fun!  I just love her so much.

My dad, Grandpa Bill and Nate talking.  My dad is going to have open heart surgery (double bypass and repace the aeortic valve on Jan 10th, prayers are appreciated, my dad is 87 years young).

 Racecar cake for Liam

Elmo cake for Tommy

And the birthday boy Liam really enjoyed presents!
I'll post a couple pictures of the twins jumping around at the party next.....

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