Sunday, April 10

Spring break recap

I had worried we weren't "going anyway" for spring break.  A STAY-cation might be "boring".  But looking back over this wonderful past week here is what happened.  Some of this is vague and not detailed because we still need to keep our family privacy on some issues, but I so wanted to share with all of you how our simple spring break went:

Marine Life center touch aquarium and seeing the lil octapus "gumdrop", Charter Boat festival and getting a chance to tour onboard the HUGE charter boats that can take you up to Alaska or thru the San Juan islands... and fantastic lunch at the Web Locker.

I read three great books:  Love Wins, True Love and homegrown tomatoes, and the Lost Quilter.  Hannah read the bible, daily.  Liam read a stack of Caldecott winner books, his fav was Seven Blind Mice (beautiful).  Nate caught up on reading homework.  And Tommy even opened a few books.

Nate and I survived Algebra II homework catchup that included geometric sequencing.  He is one smart kid that can easily summarize theory.  Blown away.

Getting to see my new nephew Maxwell.  Oh so sweet!  My sister Tami and her hubby Jason are smitten with this lil one!  Max has a great big brother Andrew.

Inspiration from *many* people that have been placed in our family's path.  People we thought we knew, but not deeply enough, and now are sharing their hearts and encouragement for us.  Very sweet stuff from others!  Meeting us where we are ate.  Not trying to make things better, but just being friends.

Delicious recipes were tried, including a Choco chip/oatmeal lowfat cookie that was only 90 calories each and tasted so good!

Spring cleaning at my parent's house, which was my sister Debbie's idea.  Gutters, windows inside and out and moss washed off steps so they don't slip.  My parents are simply the best and it is such an honor to help them out and I only wish we lived closer so we could see them more often.  I have the best memories of my childhood and just loved sprucing up their wonderful home.  Great idea Deb and really fun time with ya!

Still in lent, I think twelve days remain from the fourty days total, and still struggling with my sacrifice of giving up facebook.  Looking forward to a wonderful celebration at Easter and the amazing story to be told.

I have struggled with bersitis in my hip since the twins were born, yes four years now.  So I received an injection (from a great dr) and can say I'm officially pain free!  Back to the gym this week.

Time spent with each of my four kids doing things they love.  Alone time.  One on one.  Just absorbing and savoring where each kid is in their lifetime and how unique and wonderfully made each one is. 

An amazing amount of healing.  Forgiveness.  And letting go of some huge heavy yukky stuff.  Man alive, I have been packing some serious hatred for a year now and am free of that darkness.  Done.  Gave it over to Him and feel so much better.

Colin looked more seriously into purchasing a scooter/motorcycle to save gas (oh my goodness gas is expensive).  He has been going to the gym alot during spring break and did one fantastic run to Costco so we have full pantries now!  I love you Colin!

I think that is it.  A wonderful spring break even though we had a STAY-cation. 

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