Friday, April 15

A surprising day

Yesterday we woke up to snow!  In April.  What a surprise.  It didn't fall for long and it didn't accumulate at our house, so my tulips were happy.  Beautiful though while it was falling. 

In the morning Liam had a 102 temp  so I kept him home from school, sent Tommy though!  Liam and I did run to the post office and pick up a box of new diapers for Tommy that we hope is going to be a better size and not give him rashes. 

I worked in the afternoon and while I was at work I got a surprising phone call.  I had read about the "Infant and Early childhood" conference that would be held in a city about three hours away.  The sessions looked amazing, from communication with kids that have autism, to early literacy, science/math, grief process for parents who have a child with new diagnosis, and everything in between.  The conference folks called to offer me a full scholarship of registration to attend the conference and bring back new skills in helping families in my area!  HUGE.  But, they couldn't provide hotel, meals or mileage.  She suggested I contact the agencies that I volunteer at and see if they might have a small budget for the two nights at the hotel or mileage.  I sent an email to those agencies and within the hour one of the folks called (and she hadn't even read my email yet!) about another matter and after we talked about the conference she said I could room with her as she is going also.  Woo hoot!  I promised not to crowd her out of the bed, ha ha.  Or prank call other rooms. 

So, I quickly called my wonderful hubby and told him about the conference and what had all happened and he was thrilled.  Totally willing to care for the kids left at home for two nights so I could become a better parent and helper to others.  Yippee!  When I got off that call, a coworker came into my office and gave me a personal check to offset the remaining costs.  Blown.  Away.  She said that she doesn't give to organizations, only to people that she sees making a difference.  Alright, I cried. 

So, next month I'll be attending the conference and cannot wait to share all the new ideas, tips, theories, and everything in between.   This weekend, I'll also be attending a Down syndrome conference in Renton which is just during the day on Saturday and on topics of aging with Ds, dementia, and transitions to housing.

This momma is getting educated.

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