Monday, May 16

Lip smacking good

Tommy is officially well into "operation G-tube weaning".

His favorite drink of choice continues to be chocolate milk.  Although last night with dinner he drank apple juice (mixed with water).  I might even try some strawberry flavored milk and some milkshakes today and tomorrow.

We see the nutritionist this Friday to develop a plan for the weaning, which is a rescheduled appt from a few weeks ago.  But this weekend I just had the energy and patience to try on my own with Tommy and so far, Tommy is doing a marvelous job! 

We've had one g-tube feed in 48 hrs for water because his diapers said we needed to.  Lots of sippy cup progress (I took the valve out).  I watch how much volume of liquid is going in and I'm watching his wet diapers.

Please think good thoughts and pray for health and continued progress.

Tommy Adventures