Wednesday, May 11

What works for us Wednesday - IEP's

This is from a Florida mom's perspective on IEP preparation.  I don't think I could have written a description much better than this. 

Our preschool team is wonderful and often bring more ideas and support to the table than we could ever.  They are trying out a weighted vest with Tommy to get his need for sensory input met which will allow his body to then focus more on an activity or circle time.  Side note, if you have ideas for chewies please let me know as he is loving surgical tubing.  The teacher in our preschool has been so supportive with daily communication and ideas and well... it's perfect.  Tommy has what I consider his aide, but I know the school isn't terming it that way.  And he has great nursing services within the school there too for g-tube and attendance illness trending and notification to us because he is immune deficient. 

Next week the preschool team, our local university and us are meeting to explore assited technology aides for Tommy because his progress on sign and pecs is a little slow.  We may even expolore an ipad for Tommy as a way to spark some interest thru games, self regulation, and sequencing applications to use sign language and pecs to communicate his needs and wants.  I was amazed when I saw the ipad that my friend Gretchen used with her boys, and then to see the twins use her ipad and be so 'sparked' into words and sign it blew me away. 

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