Sunday, June 12

Finally warm weather

The view from my kitchen window out to our picinic table for dinner.  Home raised chicken with jerk seasoning, organic quinoa, sweet potatoes and a salad.  

Tommy finally stepped onto the scooter!  He actually is standing in place here (I didn't think he needed a helmet), so maybe, just maybe, he might enjoy the scooter by summer end.

The garden is in.  Well, I have just a couple other veggie starts to get, but it's mostly in.  Thank you to my sister Tami for 26 tomato plants!  To my sister Debbie for the basil and peppers.  And to my parents Bill and Sue for sprouting all the seeds I ordered from Territorial this year.  Thanks to my neighbor Nora for hosting the *very* best gardening club evening to choose what to plant for this area and share tips (and wine).  I still planted seeds by hand for things that don't transplate.  But, when you have a 5,000 square foot garden you need HELP :)  I've got a great family and friends.   Here's looking at putting up at least another 100 quarts this fall of vegetables.  P.S. I planted 60 hills of potatoes (6 different varities).  And remember, some of this is going to Bellingham Food Bank because it was my goal to donate at least 100 pounds of produce because I'm so saddened by the food bank line when I see it (it wraps around a city block).

Hannah surprised me at work with coffee and a hug.  Just love my daughter!!
Glad the weather is warm and we have tons of encouragement to spend time outside.  Have fun!

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