Friday, July 22

Improving Care for Children with Complex Needs

So, awhile back I told you Tommy and I were selected to be in a pilot study at our local Children's Hospital to help improve care for children with complex needs.

And I was really excited.

And as I was sending back all the signed forms and consents, and after I told Tommy about it, I was secretly hoping we would be randomized into the intervention group.

Not the control group.  Because nothing fun happens in the control group.

And so I was tickled when I opened my email today and received word from the pilot study folks at Children's:

Dear Ms. McMillan,

Welcome to the Improving Care for Children with Complex Needs study! Thank you for returning your completed consent and enrollment materials to us.

You and your child’s primary care provider, Dr. Mara Kelley, have been assigned to the intervention group, which means that you will participate in the Comprehensive Case Management Service (CCMS) program at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Within the next week, a scheduler from Seattle Children’s will call you to schedule your first CCMS clinic visit. After your child’s visit is scheduled, a member of the CCMS Clinic Team will call you to gather some information about you and your child prior to your first clinic visit and will answer any questions that you might have about the program. At your child’s first visit, the CCMS team of doctors, nurses, and case managers will work with you to create a shared care plan for your child.

Woo Hoot!  We are in the intervention group and will receive the comprehensive shared care planning we have always hoped and prayed for.... the same planning that is lacking here in our county.
Since I'm involved in our local Taking Action Group for Strenthening Services to children with special healthcare needs in Whatcom County, I've kept them in the loop of this pilot too.  Who knows, maybe when Seattle Children's is working with our local pediatrician and immunologist... good things will start to happen and improve locally. 
Prepare yourself Tommy.  This means being treated to FAO schwartz toys while in Seattle, Chinese food, and lots of your favorite ice cream cones as reward.  You can do it!!  Your mommy loves you enough to want to improve care for all kids with complex needs.  This will be fun.

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