Wednesday, July 6

Summer is finally here

We are so glad warm weather is here at last.  Kids are out of school, and summer trips are already in progress.  Hannah leaves for cheer camp next week, Nate is finishing up driver's ed, Tommy has recovered from a gross gtube infection and Liam has learned to ride his bike without training wheels.

We are each reading a book.  And relaxing alot. 

I know the duo looks like they are going golfing, but actually Tommy went to the dr three times in eight days for a gtube infection.  Last visit finally we got what we were asking for, a nice strong antibiotic.  He is so much better now!  We also called our home health care place and ordered a gtube with a longer stem, cause I got to thinking.... no one has suggested a bigger gtube since he rec'd his first one.... at 10 months old.   Just thinkin' that might be part of the problem with infections. 

We made Kool-Aid flavored playdough.  One of the preschool summer 'homework' was OT skills of poking and especially isolating that big ol chubby index finger.  So we poked playdough.  And read books that are his favorite so he could point at all the monsters and excitement on the pages.  He is getting there.  Tommy prefers a good ol smack with the palm of his hand any day over isolating an index finger. 

Liam *loved* Max's birthday party.  And I love it when Liam looks like he had a really good time.  Despite his brother having repeatitive fits for the entire three hours.

 This is what wrestling looks like in the summer

Hannah helped us at the park playground and I think she may have had just as much fun as the boys.

 This is a room full of stuff!  I met with Western Washington University staff at the Ershring lending library for special education teachers.  About an exciting opportunity for Tommy.  I'll write more later  But this place was so cool with resources and ideas and meeting Tommy just 'where' he is with communication.  I'm wagging my tail with excitement. 

Hannah and Nate's beautiful great grandma turned 90 this month.  My sister Deb hosted a beautiful birthday party and we were treated to a 4 generation picture of Nate, Hannah, their dad Michael, Grandma Linda and Great Grandma Ilene.  Hannah has her great grandma's name as her middle name.  What a fun day.

Nate and I spent the day together.  Packed a picinic.  Went to Locust beach and as Nate puts it "chilled".  It was a little cloudy.  But we enjoy spending time together, especially at places hand picked by Nate which are always outdoors in nature. 

Yes that is Nate up in the tree hammock that someone built over the beach.  Too cool.  Chillin'.

I'm trying to get the duo out a little more now that we are healthy again and having some meaningful activities.  So, we visited daddy at work one day.  Liam loved it!  So did daddy ;)

Down syndrome outreach and Parent to Parent have put on some fun evening activities to meet more families.  And of course, we have really enjoyed them!

Last year, my sister Debbie gave me some strawberry plants.  I didn't think much of them after planiting.  Oh my was I surprised when the 'first picking' added up to a bowl full.  We have since picked twice more and I think we will get two more pickings also.  Mmmm.

Daddy is trying to beat the rising diesel prices and got himself an adorable (I mean handsome) little scooter for commuting.  Liam is totally jealous. 

Liam riding his two wheeler.  In his underwear.  With mud boots that are all cracked and broken.  But he is riding without training wheels.  Woo hoot!  Loved the goofy hat too.  He has such style.

We had friends over for the fourth of July.  Two lovely families.  And they brought fireworks!

 Daddies putting all the fireworks together.  It's just a guy thing I think.

Enjoying backyard sunshine.

Liam loved watching the fireworks safely in my lap behind the french doors where we could see the fireworks. 

Happy summer!

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