Monday, October 31

My heart is many miles away

It's no secret that I'm in love with a few babies in orphanages in the Ukraine and Russia.   I see their faces on Reece's Rainbow, fall in love with the shape of their eyes and melt into those pictures.  Knowing their hearts and bodies are trapped in a place of no love.  Knowing the joy and blessing of raising our son with Down syndrome and not understanding why so many are orphans.   

I pray for orphans daily.  Praying for comfort when they feel lonely.  Praying for food to appear when they are hungry.  Praying for someone to walk by their crib and pick up that child and love on them.

But praying is only one way I'm going to help them. 

After reading this mom's wonderful story of adoption:  It's even heavier on my heart to help.

So I'm sending Reece's rainbow a message that I'd like to raise money this Christmas season for this boy:  in hopes that perhaps a family will find him and the monies raised will ease their way to adopt him.  I stare at his sweet face daily and pray for him. 

See at his age he will soon be transferred to an insane asylum where he will not make it much longer fending for food and probably fighting off other people.  What a sweet chubby cheeked boy who should be playing in the yard with rocks and finding snakes or snuggled up on mommy's lap reading a bedtime book and being asked if he has brushed his teeth yet. 

I'll put a linky up soon if you would like to send something his way at Reece's rainbow. 

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