Sunday, October 16

A new shopping experience

So this post is totally about me.

And being cheap.

So, you've got to be interested in both of those topics right?

I was at Fred Meyers yesterday looking at a new pair of shoes that I could wear to work.  Kinda dressy meets casual.  This was a definate 'need' for me.  I work in accounting so my feet aren't really seen by many, but my current few pairs were looking pretty sad. And my favorite pair had a hole in it, not cool.  So I found a pair for about $40.  They weren't really anything exciting, a suede pair of clog like keds that looked fairly nice.  I was pressed for time and needed to go pick Hannah up for work so I thought I would "think about the purchase" and passed on buying them that moment. 

Hannah said she had two hours to spend with me in between her work meeting and her actual shift at the DQ.  So off we went to Value Village.  Our VV is in a new spot and HUGE.  We had plenty of time to find that pair of shoes there, right?  Well, I did spend the $40, actually almost a dollar less than what that single pair of shoes was going to cost and I purchased:
  • A pair of black naturalizer shoes that look adorable and fit great, no 'wear' on them
  • Pair of brown soft cotton pants that kinda look like dressy colored jeans
  • Floral top that is so cute, blue
  • Yellow stretch shirt with three quarter arm length (I'll wear a camisole or sweater shell under)
  • Pair of khaki pants for Liam
  • Blue polor shirt for Liam
  • Yoga capri pants for me (gym bag is already in van for week)
  • Boardgame for Liam and I (trouble, teaches colors/counting/ turn taking) no pieces missing
I was giggling to myself that the purchase went so much better.  Value Village is a definate for my next purchase needs.  You really need an allotment of time though if you go.  Snooping thru racks and trying lots of clothes on is a must. 

Next stop was the Christian bookstore to get Hannah a new devotional and I was excited that she found two that met her interests.  So at the checkout I mentioned that I had their recent coupons in my email, but forgot to print the coupons (and they are 25% off good ones).  They asked for the codes off my email, which I found thru my phone, and wa-lah we got he whole purchase for $13.  Two great books for daily inspiration and a walk closer to God for an affordable price.

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