Saturday, March 3

Blanketed in grace

Sometimes I feel like I'm blanketed in God's grace.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you in knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. 2 Peter 1: 2

Like I can actually feel I'm being taken care of and have no worries.  Yes I have "wants" that are still out there on a wish list.  But all of my needs are so carefully taken care of.  It's like a giant grace blanket being pulled right up to my chin and all snuggled in.  Or it looks like this:

We decided to get one of our kids a new bed, which honestly was LONG overdue.  We needed to get him something nice and comfortable, I wanted it to be trendy for his teenage interest.  No we didn't know how we were going to pay for the trendy and comfy new bed but we knew as parents we needed to provide something bigger than his current twin bed which he was probably a good three inches too long for.  We also knew that a certain dynamic duo of twin boys were outgrowing their toddler car beds and those would need to go soon. 

I knew this weekend would be a good opportunity to get a new bed and switch a set of bunk beds in for the twins room.  But this weekend was also looked forward to because my parents were visiting and we all really wanted to spend time with them.

So I shopped for a bed just a few days ago and found one that I new would be great at Ikea.  Yes trendy.  But it was a queen sized so plenty big and with the right mattress it would be super comfy.  I really wanted the nightstands also as this teen does homework from bed and could use nightstands for lamps.  Add all that up and way, way overbudget.

So I hoped on Craigslist to add a posting for two blue little tyes beds that I had bought from a twins mom four years ago.  I listed them at the same price I had purchased them mostly because that is what they currently were going for on the listings.

While I was on Craigslist I searched for the bed that I really wanted for our son.  And that's when God's grace took over.  I found the bed with the nightstands in a town a little ways away for half the price, much more reasonable.  And then before I could get to my email account to send the person a question about the "big" bed, I noticed my email was full of folks who wanted to come get the twins beds.  And suddenly the bigger bed was paid in full with the little guys beds.  Our only cost was the comfy mattress for the big bed. 

God is great!  And used Ikea beds are too, ha ha.

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