Tuesday, March 20

Liam's PreK learning

Liam has been enjoying early intervention preschool and his team of teachers has been fabulous.  Amazing educators who love and support him.  Four days of the week he is there for a tad over 2 hours each day.  They work on gross and fine motor skills, speech (Liam has a remarkable delay), early literacy and early math concepts, social skills and just a whole bunch of love and encouragement.

So at home, we wanted to spend the "rest of his day" supporting his learning and emerging literacy interests.  He really has shown pre-math reading readiness.  We found a great website and this is a totally unsolicited review.  I actually bought the "jumbo combo" pack on her website for $48 and downloaded a PreK curriculum for homeschooling that has blown me away. 

Here is her blog and I'll put a link to hers on my blog too (goodness I'm going to be using this lil button alot I can tell).

Here is a sample of how some of the teaching games are used:

I'll post pictures of Liam learning thru all these fun games which will be fantastic also for afternoons and evenings here at home with him.  I hope that Tommy will eventually grow into some of these learning games also.  The pictures and content are so sweet, cute and encouraging.  This will be fun!

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