Saturday, January 26

Friends and the power of being genuine

Last night was fun!  These are my neighbor girlfriends.  I think most of us have been friends for many years and a few of us for over ten years now.  Six girls together is a whole lot of estrogen and barely a moment of silence.  Seriously.  I left before midnight and I don't think there was a moment within the nearly six hours together that wasn't filled with conversation and laughter and some real thinkin'.

We got together last night to catch up on things and to plan our gardens, turkey raising, chicken orders and to talk about heifers and Finn sheep.  Might not be the "usual" group conversation, lol, but it was just what we wanted.  And the neat thing is we can all "be ourselves" around each other.  Ask questions.  Make strange comments (okay that was only myself).  Complain or praise about recent family events.  You get the picture.  Be real.

I've naturally been a person that is consistantly the same around whomever I am with.  At work.  At home.  Volunteering.  Hanging out at kids' school.  On my farm.  I'm Sandi no matter where I am or who is around me.  It's a fairly simple life I lead, ha ha.  No pretense.  Nothing fake.  I admit my mistakes (if I can remember them), show gratefulness to others when the opportunity arises, and just in general... I'm real.

Authentic living sometimes means you are honest when you need encouragement.  When you feel the need to expand your friendship circle or ask someone for advice or just a hug!  Sometimes honesty and "laying it all out there" with a friend might feel like more of a stressor, make you feel all naked and vulnerable, you know?  But what I was reminded of recently is the more honest I can be on my path in this world and the more friends and encouragement and people that I care for and that care for me.... all the better!  Although at times living genuine makes me get a bit squirmy and uncomfy with all the honesty.  I know the end results will be a better me!  A better mom, a better wife and a better friend to someone else.

I know myself.  So I can be myself.  I am very happy in my own skin (although I'm trying to lose the next 20 pounds, heavy sigh thinking about running on the gym treadmill nightly).  And even though I haven't stepped foot back into our home church since October (wide variety of reasons) I feel more connected to God than ever.  It's amazing how many sermons from Cornwall church I've listened to now and how much more time I spend actually reading my bible and having devotions with my kids.  Being me means following God and for me, that makes me a better person.

"For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son."   Romans 8:29

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