Saturday, January 26


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

But my family is rushed most mornings and we weren't eating good whole foods for breakfast.  Mostly, it was cold cereal or toast.  
So I decided to make freezer breakfast burritos.  And they are a hit 
with my family.

We used farm raised ground pork, onions, spinach, red potatoes, feta and our pastured chicken eggs.  I even made some vegetarian ones.  If you make these just cook all your ingredients first.  Cube the red potatoes and oven cook, saute ground pork and onions with amazing Penzy's spices, and we used chopped frozen spinach.

I wrapped each one individually in foil and stacked them on a cookie sheet in the freezer.

Nate and I tried them this morning and all it takes is unwrapping from the foil and microwave for two minutes.

I used artisan tortilla wraps, whole wheat or corn, and some regular flour tortillas.  Mmm.  And since I was able to make twenty wraps for about $20....that means a buck a breakfast which is pretty darn good!

Sometime soon I'll post about the freezer meal girl group I'm in and the amazing 15 meals we exchang every 7-8 weeks for the last year.  The whole food recipes and affordability will make you happy!

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