Sunday, December 22

Grandparent tour

We spent a wonderful weekend visiting our parents and family.  Colin will be on standby call for the next few weeks, so this was our weekend to go visit our parents and celebrate the twins birthday and Christmas with them.

Lots of good conversations, meals made by our sweet moms, my dad reading aloud from a terrific book, and plenty of time to relax and etch the memories in my mind.

Colin and I spent the hours traveling talking about some great parts of the bible and just life in it's ordinary day to day plodding.  I love my hubby and how he cares for all six of us.  Dreams of a soon to happen house addition and a spring vacation made me happy.

This is such an amazing time of year and joy is in all the nooks and crannies of the day, in our hot morning coffee and watching the snow fall.

 Rereading Luke 2 daily and thankful for family and friends to spend time with.  Merry Christmas.

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