Sunday, December 15

Twin's 7th Birthday

I can't believe the dynamic duo are seven years old!

We decided to have Liam and Tommy's birthday at the children's museum again this year.  We invited both Tommy's life skills classroom plus Liam's first grade classroom.  We were so happy with all their fun friends that made their party so much fun!

 This is my spin art which I absolutely love!

Hannah and I had fun with the photo booth.

 All the kids really liked doing spin art.  I'm heading to value village soon to get a salad spinner so we can do this art again!

Tommy loves Elmo *almost* as much as Nemo

This is the spin art area before all of us really enjoyed it!

Liam loves angry birds.  We had cupcake "cakes" made which was so easy to serve.  No forks and no knife needed.  It's my new "cake" for all parties now!

Tommy loves the kids museum.

Lots of friends and fun was had!

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