Monday, September 15

Tired of taking things sittin' down

I decided to start walking. Not on my own yet... but behind toys, beside the couch, over to the tv, around by the desk... you get the picture. Cruisin' the area.

I'm seeing things I never knew were there and grabbing all kinds of stuff in the process. I can finally get to the remote control! I'm 21 months now and mom says I might be walking on my own by Christmas... look out tree!

First of all I hold onto the wall or stand up from a sit and grab my push toy.

Pose for a picture and applause from mommy (please note that I cannot wear 24 month size clothes, geez mom I look like a ragamuffin).

Then I push my toy around and when it gets stuck I walk to the other side of it, holding on the whole time.... very careful (tongue out helps to balance) and wiggle my push toy free. Then I walk behind it some more.

Our front porch is narrow and has baby gates piecemealed across the front opening (just in case anyone is wondering about the backdrop for these photos). It's an outdoor room and mom doesn't have to chase us across five acres of pastures. She is no fun!

Liam isn't sure he wants me walking. I keep stealing his car push toy. Sorry lil' brother!

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