Tuesday, September 2

One more weekend with sunshine

Finally mom posts the pictures from our weekend. We spent four days in Eastern Washington, camping with six other families. Lots of kids! Lots of sand.

Daddy and Liam enjoyed the water. This weekend was a celebration at this particular lake for power speed boats. Hot rods. Loud,loud engines. We are now convinced that Liam can hear at some level :) He grabbed his head every time one of these power boats started up.

Eatin' in the travel trailer. Hurry up mom, we are hungry! We used the pack n' plays again as traveling cribs and they are still working even though the boys are 25 and 30 pounds now.

The lake water was warm. But the mini 'hot tubs' made by older kids that were building sand castles were even warmer. I LOVED these little warm puddles.

The older kids came to play with me. They kept asking mommy 'does he like to do this (motioning to a car or a shovel)' and mommy would say 'Tommy likes to do anything that you do'.

My hot tub. Okay, I'll share with Liam just 'cause he liked them too. Now, it may look like mud to you. But it's sand. Really wet sand. And yes, after two baths it is almost out of my ears, my diaper area, and between my toes. Almost.

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