Sunday, February 15

Lots of watery fun

Daddy and mommy and all four of us kids enjoyed the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. Three hour drive away but worth it. Lots of water! It was 84 degrees inside the waterpark, totally indoors and was so much fun. The fort in this picture was four stories of kid friendly activities. Most of the park is accessible with a wheelchair, mommy saw two kiddos in wheelchairs enjoying the water too.

Although Hannah and Nate didn't slow down long enough for a picture, they enjoyed every slide MANY times. There is a teen center with activities after the slides close in the evenings.

Mommy and Nate went down one of the slides together and Nate got mommy so bad with warning her there was a 30 foot drop..... here it comes mom, hold on.... we are going to drop down 30 feet.... (seriously she thought she was going over an edge).

Sometimes I needed a little break away from all the noise. But I mostly just LOVED splashing in the water.

There are fountains inside some of the walking areas and I just plopped myself down and played with all those lil' sprinklers.

Mommy kept me in a swimming top so my Gtube was nice and tucked away.

Liam ran everywhere. He loved looking at all the different water areas.

Great trip if you love spending time with your family, don't want to do dishes and are tired of the winter cold weather.

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