Sunday, February 8

Prayers of love and support

There is something that many of us as mothers to kids with 'special needs' share. It happens often with all mothers, love for our children. But when you parent a child with special needs, especially kids that have shorter lifetimes, that love and support is so incredibly strong. And I believe there are so many families locally that would like to reach out to two specific whatcom county families that need to be kept in our prayers. This has been heavy on my heart for weeks. Drop them a line of supportive words on their websites. Include them in your prayer or meditation for the day (whatever works for you). I know that we are some powerfully loving mommas and can definitely offer love to these two families.

The first is a family that I had posted awhile back about, the Brooks family in Lynden. Their sweet identical twin girls (Haley and Avery) are battling a mitochondrial disorder. This makes the girls function at a severely delayed age of 3 months (they are just over a year now). This family has faced all odds of adversity. Recently, Stephanie who is an amazing mom, was attacked in their home by a stranger. She was in the process of mending and healing her body and we just learned that the twins have been readmitted to Children's Hospital. I just shake my head in disbelief that this family has so many trials. Please pray that their girls' pain is well managed. They are fed thru ng tubes and we know that some of you reading this can share in the difficult memories of what ng tube feedings bring. Please keep them in your thoughts for their financial situation is dismal and they need a supportive community.

The second family is Kyle Rogers' family in Bellingham, an amazing and handsome eight year old boy that ended his battle with cancer yesterday. This brave fighter is an inspiration to our family and has changed our lives forever.

I'm sure these two families would agree, whatever you are doing right now.... it's not important. Stop folding the laundry, don't do the dishes, turn the 'puter off.... hug your kids and do something memorable with them! Life is short and fragile. Make the most of it.

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