Wednesday, February 11

What works for us Wednesday

We just finished a new box of stuff from the library. It was called the "water" theme kit. It definitely works for us, because it is a FREE activity!

There are so many of these preschool theme kits at the library. Mommy posted about this awhile back but thought a picture of a theme kit might be helpful. She also warns other parents to look inside the theme kit before you take it home. We are still 'young' two year olds.... so small parts in puzzles wouldn't work for us and some of the kits have small things. We have enjoyed kits on transportation, animals, friends.... and now water!

Mom put a picture here so you could see all the cool books we read about water. We got to see a new Kipper dvd all about water. We sang songs about water. We played with felt board that was a pond and had a duck on it. We even learned the sign for water. Hmmm, I think mommy and daddy have something planned for this weekend about 'water'. Stay tuned for some 'splashy' pictures! Until then.... go to the library and check out one of these theme kits, it works for us!

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