Thursday, April 2

Follow up to yesterday

Within 10 minutes of posting yesterday's letter, I received a call from UHC and the 'nurse' wanted to discuss "management of medical care for Tommy". I place nurse in quotes because I think she is purely in an administrative role. I only recognize a nurse as a nurse if she gloves up and asks how she can help Tommy, and ALL of those nurses do a fantastic job. The 'nurse' that phoned yesterday with questions was purely an administrator of our child's file.

Pure coincidence that they phoned, but I felt empowered (shy grin). We spoke for well over an hour and she was kind while I tried to feed and diaper the twins during that time and answer the questions that UHC wanted answers to.

This is not related to the appeal or denials at all. It is in my mind, related to UHC wanting to screen/limit upcoming procedures for Tommy. Again grrr. But we spoke about his moderate mitral valve leak and need 'someday' for repeat heart surgery. We spoke about the upcoming sedated eye exam and placing another set of ear tubes. We spoke about our 'mental health' as parents and primary caregivers and when she asked me those questions, I was frank and honest with my answers, this is difficult. We get no respite (outside of our wonderful Promise childcare and family visiting). We get no help. We are a two parent working family trying to meet four kids' needs and adding Tommy's additional medical issues is at times difficult emotionally to juggle all. We are like hundreds of thousands of working families with the added stress of a child with special healthcare needs..... battling an insurance company for the bare minimums.

I'm not complaining but I answered the list of questions that UHC had with my heart. The 'nurse' said a follow up call will happen in a month to discuss further needs for Tommy. I saw no help from this phone call at all. Again, I think care coordination and the 'nurses' that periodically call us are screening us for possibile reduction of services. Grrr.

Does anyone else out there receive calls like this regarding their childrens medical service management?

Tommy Adventures