Monday, April 27

Children's for Opthamology

Today was Tommy's Opthamology visit at Children's. One of the few clinics we haven't been at yet. Aunt Debbie had passed along her sit and stand stroller and it seems to work well for us.

We found the sibling room! Never knew this was here. You need to be 3 yrs thru 11 yrs to stay by yourself while your parent goes to a clinic with your brother/sister. But Liam and I played here while Daddy and Tommy did most of the eye exams. Once the doctor was ready to talk about next steps with us, daddy came and got us.

This was one great play room! MUCH better than entertaining in the lobby reception areas. Liam LOVED the painting area.

And in one of the hallways we noticed our friend from here Dylan Gillig! You lil' cutie! We can still remember our first doc at Children's telling us two years ago (what a foggy period that was) to find the Gillig's and Howard's when we returned to B'ham. Their children had similar heart repairs to Tommy's. And we are thankful they were placed in our path!

The best news from Opthamology is that Tommy can see just fine for a two year old. His tear ducs are clogged so they will do a procedure to place little drains in them to allow the tears and gunk to drain. At the same time that he is sedated for that process, Audiology will place the ear tubes (second set). I hope this is just a day procedure, maybe someone who has done clogged tear ducs can let me know.

On the way back to Bellingham from Seattle we stopped at my parents home and admired their beautiful garden (my dad LOVES garlic) and their new chicks. Yes, Tommy's hands were scrubbed after visiting the chick roost.

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