Sunday, April 26

Opening day of fishing

Sometimes, I'm just not sure what my parents are thinking. We have a perfectly warm home, nice safe yard, comfy beds..... but nope we need to leave all that and go camping.
I generally had a great time. But on occasion, I let it be known that I missed my bed, my routine, my 'stuff.

My cousin Madison had a great time. She showed me how to play with all kinds of toys.

Daddy taught Liam how to fish.
And I perched on mom's hip while she showed me how to hold the fishing rod. But I'm too smart for her, I didn't want anything to do with that thing.

Mom had MUCH better ideas with a slide!

Back at home on Sunday afternoon my brother and I decided to vacum and mow the lawn at the same time. Mom thought it was funny.

I ran around on the trampoline with Liam. Our hair got all electrified. Liam can jump now! It looks really cool but I'm fine just running around.

A few of our tulips are looking pretty.

And last but not least, this is what mommy found when she heard Liam 'talking' to himself during a nap. She thought he was just mumbling and putting himself to sleep. But then she hear him say "uh-oh" on the baby monitor. And this is what she found. He had long armed reached a package of diaper wipes off his dresser and emptied it.

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