Friday, March 26

Children's appts

Wednesday was pulmonary/sleep study follow up appointment since Tommy's tonsils came out. We are scheduled for a follow up sleep study which will be half on room air and half of the night on cpap. Otherwise, it was an uneventful and quick appt. Contrary to the 3 hour round trip drive. Shoutout of thanks to Grandma Sue, Papa Bill and cousin Andrew who all kept Liam.

Today was a Children's appt with ENT for followup to surgery on ear tubes and t&a. Colin just called to say that they snuck Tommy in for a hearing test and he had better results with this new set than last year. Whew! Hooray! Only classified as mild loss right now. Let's all do the snoopy dance, good job Tommy.

Getting accurate hearing test results is always a struggle for us as parents. Colin had the idea to leave Tommy in his stroller and let the nice aide lady go into the sound booth to train and distract him. Colin just watched and made sure Tommy was safe from the window. It worked! No distraction, he stayed on task. I love my husband. He is an amazing and wonderful daddy and hubby.

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