Thursday, March 18

Cheerleading fun

The cheerleading team that Hannah is on went to Orlando Florida for a very competitive and fun competition. Hannah is standing next to me above, and her very good friend Tessa is next to her. We had a blast! Here is a link so you can watch one of their performances:

All of our spare time after practices and performance was spent at Disney world. The 'package' that was extended to us as parents was very affordable and Colin was more than willing to stay behind with the boys. Since I didn't have a stroller to push, I spent 15-18 hours in the parks and rode every high speed coaster I could find (thanks to my sister Debbie for encouraging that over the phone). DW is 500 square miles and packed with fun things like a huge animal safari! Oh how I love Minnie Mouse!

Hannah's team NW Silverstars is heading to Vancouver Canada in a few weeks for their last competition and then they waste no time starting to learn their next years routine and more conditioning. Cheerleaders are very athletic and the team coach encourages character qualities and teamwork. We are so proud of Hannah, she did so well!

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