Sunday, April 4

Easter weekend

It seems that the days this weekend are full even though we didn't attend church service nor join family for easter dinner. Colin's brothers drove up from Tacoma to help install more security items, thank you Uncles! My mom and sister drove up to watch the boys and cook a fabulous dinner for all while I got a bunch of work caught up on also. We miss our baby goats so much and often times find ourselves so fearful of walking around our farm. This next week we will get a media release out with a tip line and hopefully people will call with information.
I did get the chicken coop cleaned up and thought this picture was funny, I needed to move all the eggs to one box and get shavings into the other, thought it looked like one productive hen :)
I had already arranged an educational gardening event for the 4-H'rs "Doughnuts and Dahlias" on Saturday and didn't want to cancel even with the tragedy from last weekend. I looked forward to a sense of normalcy for one moment. I taught them the different sizes of dahlia blossoms and the different types of petals and size of plants. And ate a yummy doughnut. Then we went to a GIANT dahlia tuber sale and each of the 4H'rs purchased some fantastic looking tubers to grow as projects for fair. I greatly enjoyed seeing a number of these 4H families and of course all the kids. Tommy was less than cooperative for the educational piece of the morning, but he really enjoyed it when one of our senior 4H'rs took him on the playground :)

This little one continues to bring a smile to my face. He loves watching his airplane while laying on his back. Oh Tommy, I love you!

Hope everyone enjoys Easter. This is one spectacular time to remember what Jesus did for all of us. Much love.

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