Friday, April 23

Sleep study #2 results

We had a second sleep study done last week to evaluate how Tommy's tonsil and adenoid removal surgery effected his ability to keep breathing at night. Remember his score the first time was 42 pauses in breathing during an hour, high risk for a stroke. His new score was 11! Praise God. HUGE. Big, enormous improvement.

With a score of 11 pauses in breathing during an hour he is still at high risk and highly recomended for cpap. We have the cpap machine now and will be working with Behavioral health dept at Children's PLUS a beautiful family in Ferndale who has a similar situation and has conquered the cpap training and is willing to share tips for getting Tommy use to the cpap.

We are to the moon with these results. Great, fantastic stuff has happened to Tommy's health, much thanks to the diligence of his amazing team of physicians, therapists, teachers and family and friends. Thank you all for helping us this last few months, although rocky and ugly and emotionally absolutely DRAINING.... we are blessed and have ended up with Tommy being well rested and his more joyous and curious self.

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