Sunday, April 11


Hannah and Nate returned from a week in Hawaii with their dad. They look all sunny tanned and well rested. So glad to have them back safe and sound, they had a great time!

Spent a great afternoon/evening at my sister Debbie's house just letting all three boys roam and eat a great dinner. Colin and I really kicked back for awhile which was nice. Been way too stressful with the goat tragedy.

Hannah is cheerleading across the border this week, I'll be heading up with her friend Alyssa to cheer her on today. More pictures I'm sure!

Liam is vomitting last night and just laying around today looking tired. I'm sure that's a virus just waiting to be shared with all of us :)

Tommy has his second sleep study this week. It's the follow up one to see if having his T&A surgery has helped. Hopefully we will get good news. Otherwise, we will need to be more assertive with his cpap machine. Which, we already received a referral to "Behavioral medicine" dept at Children's for assistance to get him to wear the cpap. Not sure what the Behavioral med dept is like, does anyone out there have experience with them? A large, HUGE, part of me wants to not call them back and just get Tommy used to wearing his cpap ourselves. We know him the best and will be able to get him to wear it. Right?

I've got PTA on Monday night, only two more meetings until my term as Treasurer is up. I cannot wait. Finished their tax return for the year, financial statements, and even created a 5-minute audit they can do at meetings over the next few years to make sure all is good with the new treasurers. I feel really good about leaving them in a situation MUCH better than the one I inherited.

Colin set up a wireless network here at home so computer use for all six of us will be much easier. Who knows, I might even get a "What works for us" post out this week!

Much love to all of you! Hope you have some dirt under your fingernails from spring planting and have found small blessings this weekend. Take care. -sandi

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