Saturday, October 23

I wonder

I wonder how Tommy can visit two separate emergency rooms in one day?  His g-tube fell out during the night.  Actually the balloon was still fully inflated and he must have rubbed his belly against our mattress (climbing in during the night).  I was talking to my sister Debbie in the morning and thought I stepped on a spider but looked down to see it was his g-tube.  Heavy sigh.  Long story short, St Joseph ER lacked a credentialed anesthesiologist to sedate Tommy.  When we got to Children's they placed a very thin catheter in the very closed stoma and every 20 mins or so they replaced it with a larger catheter thus dialating the stoma until they were able to place the 18 french mickey back in.  We got to visit the radiologist and she said it looked good, their staff loaded Tommy with toys and stickers and we ventured home that night.  I hope, soon, very soon, there will be a mini-Children's Hospital located within St Joseph.  So that Tommy can still use the existing wonderful skilled st joe's staff, but we would have access to credentialed pediatrics in an emergency situation.  Taking Action for Children and Youth with special healthcare needs is a group working toward this.  Google the Whatcom County Health department and look at the notes, mission statement and passion that has been accumulating for the last 18 months.  I think this next year will hold huge things for genetic clinic and speciality peds at the hospital.  Fingers crossed.

I wonder how Liam can line up his cars and call them his family and name each of us as one of his matchbox cars.  Pointing to each individually he says our names and all six of us are there.  Two being towtrucks, one big and one small.  He names them as Tommy and Liam.  Tommy is the small one he says.  Wonder twin powers. 

I wonder how Hannah can cheer in 40ish cold weather.  I wonder how Nate and I stayed to watch her last night.  It was an away game, in Deming.  I wonder if Colin's saturday job working on snowmobiles with his friends will be fun.

I wonder how I forgot yesterday was the ski swap and I missed a great opportunity to get gently used ski stuff.  I wonder if Liam's hearing appt on Tuesday will show that he has a mild hearing loss.  I wonder if my youngest sister Tami is feeling good with her pregnancy and I have been miserable about calling her.  I wonder where my phone is.  I wonder if the friend I had lunch with yesterday knows that she has greatly influenced some of my decisions lately. 

I wonder what next week has in store.

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