Wednesday, October 27

What works for us Wednesday - Praying for orphans

Rarely is there a day in the past two years that I don't review the pictures on Reece's Rainbow website and pray for the orphans with Down syndrome.  Searching my mind and asking my family questions on how we can open our hearts and home to just one more.  The conditions in the orphanages have been documented and the lack of foster systems in most of the countries leave these children with lack of any form of a family environment.  Most of these children are transferred at age 4 to a mental institution where they eventually die.  There are lots of babies and young children with Ds in the orphanages, lots.  But my prayer and heart is with the older children.  Below are a few that I thought would pull on your heart and perhaps soften it toward giving to an orphan.

Please consider donating to the Christmas Angel project at Reece's Rainbow.  Go ahead, look at this link and spend some time there.  Pray for one.  Pray for all.  "Every child has a gift, they are just unwrapped at different times".

These children are all older and heavy on my mind because they have been graced to stay longer in the baby houses of orphanages, but soon, if not already, transferred to the mental institutions.  If you choose to give and pray to Reece's Rainbow, please let them know it's for their "Older Children".  The donations go into a grant for the next family to come forward and adopt.

This is Chelsea.  According to the Reece's rainbow:  Character: cheerful, kind This sweet little girl is almost 3 years old. She was born to a very young, single mom at 34 weeks gestation. She had some minor pulmonary issues in her first days of life as a result of her preemie birth, but she is very healthy now! She was born with an open oval window which may have closed on it’s own.

Chelsea is affectionate, friendly, inquisitive child. She loves to hug and kiss. She smiles and laughs a lot. She is a pet in the group. She loves to play with dolls, puzzles. She is petite and gracious. She is active for a child with Down syndrome and can be strong-willed, get angry and weep if anything is not her way. But she can be easily distracted from a disappointing her thing. She cannot dress by herself and does not want to eat by herself. Her appetite is not very good. She is rather selective and does not like sweets. She is used to a potty, but cannot ask about it.

She started to sit up at 1.5 years of age, then started to crawl. She started to walk at 2 years of age. Now she runs fast, walks up and down the stairs, slides. She exhibits some muscle hypotony. She is delayed in her speech development. She speaks with syllables, but understands what is said to her and is obedient. To the question “where?’ she shows correctly her eyes, ears, arms.

Chelsea will be transferred in the coming year to a very remote part of the country, and will be *out of reach* for adoption. Hope someone will consider this beautiful child and give her hope for a future!

Boy, Born April 17, 2003

Brandon is very active, happy, and relatively high functioning. He is attending preschool classes and lives in a group of children with a wide range of abilities. He has a very happy personality and loves attention from adults. He plays well with other children and participates in group activities. He is healthy and making progress in all areas of his development.

Brandon’s social worker so badly wants him to have a family. She believes that he will do very well in a family environment.

From a staff member that met Brandon in April 2010: Brandon was very friendly, active and sought out our attention. He was very affectionate and laughed and played with us the entire time we were visiting his group. Even though he wanted all of our attention, he allowed the other children to interact with us as well and did not show any signs of aggression toward the other children. The caregivers had nothing but good things to say about Brandon and his development and they are very hopeful that Brandon’s forever family will find him soon!

Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.   James 1:27

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