Saturday, October 16

Two weeks in review

Remember those movie critics that would give a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down" to a movie after they reviewed it?  Well, I'm giving the double thumbs down to the past two weeks!

Homecoming for Hannah (Nate stayed home with me and played video games)

 Hannah and Nate have been more than a handful lately.  Nate made some risky choices and now we are engaged in some long term help which we hope has come at the right time.  Many times the past week I have been brought to my knees praying for his safety, bartering everything I own and am to erase all that happened and return to the 'happy' point before all of this.  But I quickly realized that we all make mistakes, God doesn't want to barter and healing process began the point we all fixed our hearts and minds on getting better.  It's painful.  It's humbling (I never thought I would be "one of those mom's" who's kid tried something).  It's all about Nate now.  The right, and most amazing people have been placed in our path on this journey.  I can't even begin to explain who or how or why, but I'm in awe at every turn.  Nate feels better.  He is making some incredible decisions about which path he is choosing for this next year.  Is it weird to say I couldn't be prouder, even though I was the most disappointed I have ever been?     

  Liam is having a blast at preschool.  But his expressive speech has really taken a turn for the worse lately.  So we are going to call WWU speech services this next week and get him connected to special help.  He continues to be a really sweet little boy. 
Tommy is loving preschool although *super* active there and easily distracted.  He is still not pronouncing a single word.  His signing is slightly improved but not many words there either.  He is just so incredibly active running, jumping, climbing that he doesn't talk.  The past two weeks have been frustrating with him because he can't tell me what's wrong or ask for a food item.   I'm going to look into the point/talk system and WWU for him too. 

Tommy ready for school

Hannah is cheering just for Sehome now and it greatly is helping with her stress level and mood.  She is fourth from the left at the game last night where we froze.  She hit a breaking point this last week with Running Start at college, High school and two cheer teams.  It was ugly.  
Me and Hannah freezing at half time

Perhaps the biggest "thumbs down" has been my dad's health.  He was diagnosed  few weeks ago with Aortic Stenosis and was termed a probable open heart candidate to get a biological valve as the replacement.  He was to undergo two additional tests, one is done already and shows many of the arteries surrounding the heart also have calcification.  The second test will be done soon and will show for sure what the extent of those arteries look like for either proper medication or surgerical options.  My dad is 87 this year and is the picture perfect healthy man.  If the surgery changes from valve replacement to bypass plus valve replacement he will probably decide not to do it.   My dad has been the best dad in the world and a father for almost half his entire life.  I just can't imagine him not healthy when he has rarely ever been sick and definately not needed many health related help over the years.  Please keep my dad in your prayers.  For continued well being until the next test is performed and for peace & comfort in knowing whatever he decides to do it will be the right answer. 

Off to the pumpkin patch later today to turn the tide on the "thumbs down" review.  

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