Monday, November 8

Slow start to the week

I have enjoyed a slow start to the week today.  I had planned to join my sisters and mom at my dad's invasive heart procedure today, but that was postponed.  So, I enjoyed a little 'me' time.  Walked two miles in the beautiful sunshine!  Enjoyed a cup of my favorite peach tea hot and slowly.   Downloaded pictures.  Folded laundry at my own pace.  Caught up on some people's blogs and just putzed around the house after I got Tommy and Liam on the preschool bus.  I could get use to this!  I'll head into work this afternoon but also started the Lemon Chicken recipe in our crockpot ("Make it fast cook it slow" awesome crockpot book).  And made a double batch of homemade laundry soap.  If you haven't done this yet, run don't walk to the store and grab the three ingredients and some recycled bottles in your house and gett'r done.  It's simple, a huge cost savings, and the smell of lemon meringue is irresistible.  Here is a cute picture of Liam and cousin Madison on the lil 4 wheeler.  They enjoy spending time together, it's very sweet.

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