Saturday, November 20

Two blogger mommies well worth the read

I work near the county courthouse and on Friday (Nov 19th) it was National Adoption day and MANY kids were all lined up with their adoptive families ready to go before the judge and finalize their new bonds.  Each had a huge bouqet of balloons and were beaming with smiles!  Beautiful families made bigger on such a special day. 

Of course the idea of adopting is always a glimmer in my eye so when I saw all this happiness in one spot it just reminded me again of the need and where my heart is.  So when I was reading a couple of blogs after my two smallest were in bed, I got to thinking of those families who have chosen for their first children to adopt kids with Ds.  I think every blogging mommy has an amazing story to share.  These two are just so extra chromosomally cool.  They both had family members with Down syndrome growing up and the CHOSE to adopt kiddos with Ds.  Grab a cup of coffee and check out their families:

Tommy Adventures